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Honors Program

Honors Program: A pathway to excellence

The Honors Program at the University of Montana Western is associated with the Western Regional Honors Association, and our mission is to provide students with the following special opportunities.

Honors First Year Experience

A special program for a select group of freshmen in which students take their first two related blocks as a cohort.

Honors Courses

Honors classes are interdisciplinary, integrating a variety approaches to the subject at hand, and emphasize the experiential teaching and learning that is so important to our collective mission. Honors students are self-motivated and eager to learn. The admissions standards stress curiosity and commitment over previous academic accomplishment, and this results in dynamic groups engaged in collective learning. Honors classes are reading and writing intensive, and offer copious opportunities to conduct independent research. Students are challenged to perform at the highest levels, and experience great satisfaction in meeting those challenges.

Honors Student Association

A student-run organization that gives Honors students the opportunity to be more actively engaged in the Honors Program.

Carl Friedrich Gauss 1777-1855

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