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Honors Program

Honors Courses (2017-2018)
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Ribbons of Time: Film & History Fall 2017, Entire Semester
Linked Freshman Experience:
Mathematical Exploration: Proof and Dramatic Production: Proof
Fall 2017, Blocks 3 & 4
History of Country Blues Spring 2018, Block 5
Venetian Glass and Facon de Venise -- Tracing the Dissemination of the Venetian Glass Tradition Northward Spring 2018, Block 7
Coral Reef Ecology Spring 2018, Block 6

Previous Honors Courses

The Role of Science Denial as a Force in Society Fall 2016, Block 2
Mathematical Exploration in Art and Art Explorations in Mathematics Fall 2016, Blocks 3 & 4
Scientific Glass Spring 2017, Block 7
Theatre for Social Change Spring 2017, Block 8
Explore Iceland: Sustainable life and landscapes on a mid-Atlantic hotspot Spring 2015, Block 7
Lost Gospels Spring 2015, Block 8
New York City Bound: Explore and Experience the Arts Fall 2014, Block 2
Meaning of Life Stuff: Comparing views on what it is to be human, healthy and happy. Fall 2014, Block 4
Geology, Mining, Culture and Labor History of Butte, Montana Spring 2015, Block 7
Challenging Conformity: American Culture 1950-1970 Spring 2015, Entire Semester
The Atomic Bomb: Experience, History, Memory Spring 2014, Block 7
Archeology of the Bible: The Pagan Origins of Monotheism: A look at the historical beginnings of the Great Monotheistic faiths of today Spring 2014, Block 8
Natural Scotland Fall 2013, Block 2
Ribbons of Time: Film & History Fall 2013, Entire Semester
Art, Language and Culture of Italy Spring 2013, Entire Semester
Revealed Truth: Witches & Witchcraft in History, Folklore, & Popular Culture Fall 2012, Block 3
Geology and Cultural History of the Khumbu Region of Nepal (Trip to Nepal) Postponed Indefinitely
Global Education in Latin America: (includes trip to Peru) Spring 2013, Block 6
Art, Language and Culture of Italy Fall 2011, Entire Semester
Clash of World Views & Social Conflict Fall 2011, Block 2
Geology, Mining, Culture, & Labor History of Butte, Montana Fall 2011, Block 2
Axes, Hammers, & Sickles: Scandinavian History & Culture Spring 2012, Block 7
THE 7 Pillars of Leadership Excellence Spring 2012, Block 8
Experience Ireland Summer 2012, Block A
Popular Music and Society Fall 2010, Stringer
Science and Literature: Are you human? Fall 2010, Block 2
Costa Rica Live! Spring 2011, Block 7
The World of Dostoevskii Spring 2011, Block 6
Multicultural Leadership Spring 2010, Block 8
By the Hammer of Thor: Norse History and Culture Spring 2010, Block 6
The Other Europe: Life Across the Berlin Wall through Literature and Culture Spring 2010, Block 7
Earth's Mind Fall 2009, Block 2
The Fed Shrugged Fall 2009, Block 3
American Indian Literature Fall 2008, Stringer
Catapults and Cathedrals: Latin Engineering and Architecture from Caesar to Leonardo Fall 2008, Stringer and Block 3
Sport and Society Spring 2009, Stringer
Geology, biology, and management issues of Ecuador and the Galapagos Spring 2009, Block 7
Experiencing Ireland Spring 2008, Block 6
Ribbons of Time: Film and History Spring 2008, Stringer
Vampires Fall 2007, Block 2
Religion, Ethics, and Politics Fall 2007, Block 3
Music and Mathematics Spring 2007, Block 5
Environment and Society Spring 2007, Stringer
Reading England from Renaissance to Revolution: literature, politics, and the birth of the modern Fall 2006, Block 3
Family Socialization across Cultures Spring 2006, Block 5
Visions of the West: Charting a Course for Western Studies Spring 2006, Stringer
Guerilla Theater and other Radical Dreams Spring 2006, Block 5
Political Leadership: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives Fall 2005, Block 2
Ribbons of Time: Film and History Spring 2005, Stringer
Evolution of the Earth Spring 2005
Defying the Crowd Fall 2004
Music and Mathematics HON 202
Fall 2004
Women of the West HON 201/401: Spring 2004
Ethics and World Religions HON 202 Fall 2004
Genomics HON 202 Fall 2004
China: Ancient Meets Modern HON 202 Fall2004
The Sixtees: Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll HON 202 Spring 2003
Leadership: Eight Steps to Personal and Organizational Excellence Fall 2002
Planet Under Stress Spring 2002
European History Through Literature Spring 2002
The Works of J.R.R. Tolkien Fall 2001
The Lite History of Radical Counter Cultures of the 1930s Fall 2001
Global Extinction Spring 2001
Human Responses to Extreme Conditions Fall 2000
From Normalcy to Hard Times: The 1920s and 30s Fall 2000
Contemporary Plays: Tough Talk about Tough Issues Spring 2000
Science and Religion Spring 2000
Your Place or Mine: Environmental Writing and Field Studies Fall 1999
Ribbons in Time and Filmed History Fall 1999





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